Is it ok to use "ones" instead of "any"?

I'm Japanese.And I learne English.
Yesterday,when I learned English as usual,I wonderd wether "any" and "ones" have different meanings.
There was a sentence
: I wanna use some pens.Do you have any?
I thought it was not "any" but "ones".And which is right?

Then,let me kow the difference and when I can use which one.

I'm waiting for your comments!

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  • You could say "Do you have one?" in the singular, but not plural, or you could say "Do you have any?" Both questions imply you are asking for pens not currently being used, for example "Do you have any to spare?"

    Since you stated you would like "pens", plural, any is more appropriate.

    The only time I can think, "Do you have ones", would be correct, is if you were asking for dollar bills.

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  • If you are writing a paper, it is proper to say "want to". In speech it is OK to say wanna in any situation I can think of unless it is very serious.

    I disagree that people say things like " do you have any ones?" It would be understood but I've never heard a person say this.

    An easy way to remember is the only time you ever say ones is after you say 'these' or 'those'.

    If it does not make sense to say "these ones" or "those ones". You must use a different word.

    But these phrases are not very common. You will find the word any is much more common.

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  • First, "wanna" is very informal. People use it in speech, but "want to" is the correct usage in formal, written English.

    "I want to use some pens. Do you have any?" is correct.

    In informal speech, people do say things like, "I wanna use some pens. Do you have any ones?"

    That is not grammatically correct, but it would be understood.

    "I want to use some pens. Do you have ones?" is also grammatically wrong, but the question would also be understood. Indeed, simply saying "I want to use some pens. Do you have?" would be understood, since the request and what you are looking for is clear.

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    • I was convinced that "wanna"is just short!
      I see."Wanna" is informal.
      I'll remember.

      I want to use some pens.Do you have ones?
      is corrected?

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      • "I want to use some pens. Do you have ones?" = WRONG

        "I want to use some pens. Do you have any? = CORRECT

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  • Thank you for answering my question!
    I'll try to understand this sentences lol

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