Is it ok to want a black hairstylist over a white one?

Basically, I’m a mixed, white-looking person who has a type of frizzy hair due to being partially black. It’s the type of frizz that’s hard to identify, but I just think it would get a lot more care if I had a black hairstylist than a white one. If it helps, it’s definitely not an afro or naturally tight curls, but definitely nowhere near straight.

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  • I think you are completely entitled to want a black hairstylist, or even a mixed one who has hair similar in yourself! It's ideal to work with someone who understands you, and your needs! Never feel bad for wanting good service from someone who can relate to you.

    I'm in a weird place right now, because I'm trying to decide whether, or not to have my natural hair, that is turning white. I often find that when I need to shop for cosmetics at the department store, or get my hair done I tend to prefer other women who choose to dye their blonde, or brunette hair red. I feel like I get better service when I'm dealing with someone similar to me who understands what I deal with when it comes to beauty, and my appearance.

    The other day a woman who was a bit of my opposite was helping me try on some foundation, and of course she got the color wrong, but she just kept insisting that I should go with what she recommended. I'm so glad I didn't trust her advice. Instead I ordered a small size of what I thought was right for me online to see if it would work, and of course it did.

    You do you, baby! ☺💗💪🏻

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  • Up to you, I guess. If they know how to do your hair better than others, it's fine. Or, just someone you personally prefer. I go to a chain haircut place, and had a hot, downright gorgeous, mixed-race woman cut my hair one time, enjoyed talking to her and the so-good scalp massage she does with her long nails, and keep going back to the place, requesting her when I sign in.

    If she's not in and I'm not in dire need of a cut, I'll leave and go back another day that she is there. While it's true that the long-nailed scalp massage is great (and feeds my thing/fetish for long nails), I go to her because, simply..I like the job she does.

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  • Totally normal, like when I go to get fitted for bridesmaids dresses or quince dresses, I prefer having larger women help me because they understand the whole “I WANT TO SLIM DOWN MY CHEST SIZE.”

    Where as the skinnier ones can’t seem to understand why I’d want to do that.

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  • Black barbers are sometimes better with certain type of haircuts. If you are getting fades id say most black barbers would be good at it. If you are getting your hair cut like Nirvana maybe not so much.

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  • The real question is do you smell like a wet dog like white women? A lot of black hairstylists can't stand that lol

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  • *moves head back & forth like a sideways pigeon*


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  • P.S. I found this online, and thought it was interesting, because it talks about the different hair types.

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