Is it ok to want tiger woods to do well?

I think the media have ruined at least 5 years of Tiger Woods life by pointing fingers. All he did was cheat on a woman he married too young and took a few drugs along the way.

BIG FUCKING DEAL! He should never have apologised for any of it.

I hope he gets back on top soon. He’s just a flawed human like the rest of us. Go on Tiger!!

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  • Idk like cheaters suck but his sexual life is honestly his business. People care too much about what celebrities do. Like they act like he raped someone when all he did was cheat (not illegal) and almost ever celebrity does drugs and no one even flinches until they overdose and die. See, I don’t remember where I heard this from but for some reason I thought he actually beat his wife. Now that I know he was just cheating, sure I want him to do well. I would rather him stay out of a relationship if he still wants to cheat though.

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  • I hit not normal by accident. I’m actually rooting for him right now!

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  • Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer but he had maybe still has a sex addiction.

    I haven't heard any rumours so maybe he got help.

    I hope he returns to his former glory.

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