Is it ok to wear a maxi or midi skirt under a maxi dress

My cousin is very into fashion and wants to try out new things. She likes to wear a satin midi or maxi skirt under a satin maxi dress.

She feels comfortable doing this but she doesn't know if other women will judge her

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  • Oh really, who cares?

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  • Is this making fun of the previous maxi skirt post?

    Cos that's a fucking weird way to go about it.

    In case it isn't some weird anti troll by ridiculing troll post with similar but slightly less weird/more believable situation...

    I don't see why you would wear a shorter skirt under a longer skirt (though I suppose it would be even stranger to wear it over...)

    But unless the top skirt is translucent, no one will know...I don't understand the concern...

    And if it IS translucent, then wearing another under is usually sensible. Have you not heard of petticoats?

    Also, I don't understand why a) your cousin is concerned about judgement or b) why you would be posting questions about it on her behalf.

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    • She asked me to ask on her behalf because she thought it would be better.

      I'm not making fun of anyone, I was only asking for a opinion

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      • And one quick glance at your profile shows me you're a fucking liar.

        Nice to know who to blame for the years of trash bag clothes stories, though.

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