Is it okay for corporations to profit on suicide prevention

My friend is giving a seminar for this company called QPR that teaches people how to aggressively combat suicide. I have experienced suicide in my past and I dont like their tactics. She works in higher education, is super liberal, doesn't like a lot of private businesses like prisons, isn't getting paid for this but is volunteering to peddle privatized suicides prevention.

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  • I guess my point that I didn't make is that -for profit prisons- are on the surface, more efficient than government run prisons. They save taxpayers money. After time though companies grow, a bottom line becomes important. Inmates become a product. People are a product. Lobyist loby, judges get paid and humans suffer because of greed. This has happened.

    I fear the same outcome will inevitably come from corporate suicide previntion firms. They begin and exist to be more efficient than government and non profit entities, but ultimately their business plan needs a product to be successful; more suicidle people. Ultimately they can't possibly want to cure the world of suicide, that would be corporate suicide.

    I am normally a fan of markets, but this is another time where I prefer non-profits or government groups to be in charge of something that is so involved with humanity.

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  • I could see how it could look hypocritical,and without a detailed look at her beliefs it'd be hard to tell. but i suspect it isn't though, because while you may stand for one position on one issue, such as no-profit prisons , it does not mean you have to be for non-profit everything. They are different types organizations and their is a variety of different reasons for a person to to hold a belief that both should be for profit, both should be against or 1 or the other should be for profit and the other shouldn't. just as you could be pro-life but also pro planned parent hood, because perhaps you hold the belief that abortion is wrong but people should have the right to make wrong choices, or whatever the example can be more complex then just a wide brush belief.

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