Is it okay for me to believe that hispanics hate chick-fil-a

First off, I haven’t tried, and I may never eat at Chick-Fil-A. Second off, I haven’t even heard of that restaurant until 2 years ago. I mean can I have a Hispanic user comment if they ever been there and have heard of it. I mean honestly, I believe that it’s a restaurant that only white Americans know of, like I don’t understand why people say it’s better than Mc Donald’s when not a lot of people know of it. I mean we all know Hispanics can be crazy people, especially Dominicans and Mexicans. I mean I’m Hispanic too(Mexican), but I feel like Hispanics today would only care about Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, and KFC, and not other lesser know restaurants such as Krispy Kreme, Sonic, El Pollo Loco, Waffle House, and WhatABurger. I mean I’m just saying what’s true, because I bet almost every Hispanic hasn’t heard of these white people restaurants in there damn life. I just wish Chick-Fil-A gets bankrupted and Mc Donalds ir any other restaurant would become more popular than the chicken bootleg shit that people rumored that they hate gays or some shit like that.

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  • Haven't tried chic fillet and wont.
    They are free to have their politics and beliefs.
    I'm free to eat elsewhere.
    Popeyes over K.F.C., any day.
    Bojangles over mcds.
    Unless I just need coffee.
    Carl's jr. If I want a $6 burger.
    That's me.
    And I'll take a good taco truck any day.

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  • I'm an Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, half Colombian Caucasian person, and Popeye's Fried Chicken is my favorite!

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  • Hold up.



    One moment.


    Waaaaiiiit a minute.





    The blacks have KFC. You can't claim that for the taco people. That's theirs!

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    • Well I mean at least the blacks know how to pronounce it right while the Hispanics (mostly their parents) pronounce it as Kentoqui like WTF??

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  • First off I'm Hispanic and I prefer Krispy Kreme and Sonic. Whataburger is ok, but I prefer jack in the box over any fast food. It's been years since I went to a chick-fil-a so I don't even remember what there food tastes like.

    Secondly I live in Texas and Whataburger is very common here and a lot of people prefer to go to Whataburger over McDonalds. Also I'm pretty sure Waffle House is seen as more of a Black restaurant rather than for white people.

    Lastly McDonalds is already more popular than chick-fil-a. Also it's not a rumor that chick-fil-a hates gays it's pretty much a fact. Chick-fil-a is a Mormon run company, the heads of which dislikes gays and have donated money to organizations that opposed same sex marriage.

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  • I'm Hispanic and we have one a town over. It's always packed there and on those rare occasions I go, I see the Whites from that town, and the Hispanics and Blacks from my town there. I don't see the big deal about that place. Their sandwiches taste like something out of McDonalds and they're overpriced. I don't really care about their politics. All I care about is a dang restaurant that's cheap. XD

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  • I think Chick-fil-a is more off a southern thing.

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  • I don't exactly understand the concept of how people choosing where to consume food correlates with what race you are. Especially considering the places you have named are in North America, which is an extremely diverse country.

    It's just about personal preference. Not your origin. One hispanic might enjoy a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a while another may not. I'm not exactly following your line of thinking.

    I'm hispanic as well, in case you were wondering. And I personally think Chick-fil-a is definitely in my top 10.

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  • Chick fila is kind of expensive and exists in only relatively affluent areas. Most Latino families would rather pay less in other places for chicken that is flavored and priced for their culture.

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  • I'm half black/Hispanic(Dominican) dose that count all I can say is that I haven't personally eaten at one some of my cousins from both sides of my family have and they don't complain. i guess it's personal opinion I don't really know.

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