Is it okay for me to kiss my female friends

Please I am a girl who dated alot of guys buh stopped because I taught I should wait till am ready for marriage. I have a friend who also dated alot of guys but also had the same mentality as mine so also stopped dating. We're two straight girls and we do everything together. We've become very close that we use the same bed for sleepovers,bath together in the Same bathroom cubicle,go everywhere together . I tell her I love her and she also said she feels the same way. She feels jealous when I give other people attention and I also feel the same way. We one day ended up kissing and fucking. It just happened but we don't know how it happened. She told me she's not a lesbian and I also told her the same thing. I feel I want her but I don't know if she was telling me the truth because we couldn't talk about it for sometime but later told ourselves we won't let it happen again. We still together and I want her but she is scared and says is something God detest so we shouldn't do it.but in my heart I want her and the way she also talks I think she also want me but is scared. I also want to be married to a man in the future. I wanted us to fuck around and when the time is due for marriage we both go our separate ways .please am confuse what should I do

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  • There are a number of things going on here.

    In American culture, women are naturally closer and more affectionate than men. They might hug, undress in front of each other or even kiss and just be friends, although they may be open to experimenting more.

    You're saying that you want to be with her romantically and that you enjoy having sex with her. That is totally fine.

    It sounds like what bothers you is the word "lesbian". Why does it bother you to think of yourself as a lesbian? But you might also consider identifying as heteroflexible, homoflexible, bicurious or bisexual, depending on what feels right for you.

    Does God hate two women having sex together? I'm not sure that's in the Bible, although it does speak against men having sex together. On the other hand, parts of the Bible advocate beating women, executing rebellious teenagers, and wholesale slaughter of women and children, so you may want to reflect on how literally you want to interpret the Bible.

    It sounds like you're feeling guilty about your sexual interests because of a religious upbringing. I can sympathize. I was taught that it was a sin to even hold a girl's hand before marriage. That really screwed me up. I struggled a lot with guilt as a teenager, with all my sexual, kinky desires. It took a long time before I realized that my desires were totally normal and I wasn't hurting anyone. It took a long time before I realized that there was nothing intrinsically wrong about my interest in BDSM, that it was only that I had been programmed to feel guilty about it.

    You too can overcome those feelings of guilt. Keep exploring and learning about your desires. Talk to different people with different thoughts. Exposure to other types of people will help you let go of the restrictive thinking you were brought up with.

    As for wanting a relationship with a man, nothing wrong with that. I've known girls who identified as straight but had one specific girl in their life that they fell for, or would totally have sex with given half a chance. But only one girl, they weren't attracted to others. I've also often heard girls say things like "girls are SO sexy, I love them so much... but I really want a man in my life, I need a relationship with a man". There is nothing wrong with that! Do what is right for you. Maybe you'll have sexual relationships with women and then marry a man. Maybe you'll have a polyamorous relationship where you'll be married with a man, and the two of you will play together with other women. That's a great possibility.

    But you don't need to feel guilty. Have fun and pursue this exciting and fulfilling new relationship in your life! :)

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  • The grammar is so bad I had to stop reading after the first sentence.

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  • Date her :3

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  • Not normal and it's pointless asking a question like that on site which is 90% pig headed men with 0 self esteem and no standards.

    If a guy wants to Fuck a stinky butt hole he is either 100% gay but in the closet or a bi sexual creep. Move on ASAP!!!

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  • There's plenty of devout Christians with a deep understanding of the Bible who believe that it's not against God to be gay. Maybe you should seek them out and talk to them, you could probably find a phone number to ring for a gay Christian group and talk to them about it.

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  • If you are a lesbian that is okay!

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  • I have to agree with _confused_. Date her!
    -.- :/

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  • I think it's great!

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  • Get laid and forget God. Religions fail miserably at describing Its nature.

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  • I think you're a guy troll just trying to get off on the idea of two chick's hooking up! Get a life you freak

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  • Its hot, I am a straight guy but would love a threesome with two bi girls, sadly my gf is straight, love her never the less... Anyway if you into both boys and other girls, you could think of a threesome with a boy and girl, i guarantee it would be super hot for all three of you involved...

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    • -
    • Fuck off you creep.

      You men and all your three some bullshit make me sick.

      Don't get into a relationship if you're wanting to Fuck around
      You are a utter disgrace and ruin the meaning of having a loving and Loyal relationship.

      FYI Just because a chick is bi doesn't mean she wants to have a three some with a pig like yourself. Get some standards low life

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