Is it okay for my bf to leave me at home while he goes iut

is that okay? i’m with my bf wednesday - sunday and sometimes he leaves me at his house to go hang with friends. he doesn’t usually go out he usually will skip it and hang with me. but once in awhile he will go out without me. cuz i can’t get in and he’s over 21... is that bad? he says he doesn’t rly like going out cuz he doesn’t drink but sometimes it’s fun to hang with friends

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  • As a man living with his girlfriend, I think it's important to have "me-time", that is, time alone, as well as hanging with friends. I don't need to be with my girlfriend 24/7. It's nice to get away for a while.

    We love each other, but if two people spend every minute of every day together, they're going to get sick of each other.

    So yes, wanting some time out of the house, with friends, is normal.

    Of course, I don't know your exact situation, but I'd say as long as he's treating you well generally and does still make a lot of time for you, then the occasional night out with mates is nothing to worry about.

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  • The sad part is that seems to be the norm these days when it comes to guys and how they treat or mistreat their gf. To many people feel they have a "sense of entitlement" to do pretty much what they want. Then when she questions him or complains to him then he gets all missy runs off for three days or a week, he sleeps with an ex while gone , because again he feels that " sense of entitlement" I feel that's a buckshot chicken shut excuse to have someone to blame. So they can justify their actions in their mind. The final answer is up to you. Do you feel like sitting home while he goes out. Plus I would pretty much guarantee that 75-80% of guys in a relationship have no problems at all with stepping out to cheat. ( the % is my own guess just pulling it out of the air.

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  • Well to me it's not, if you were my girl, I'd definitely take you anywhere I go. An if I wanted time with my friends, why does it have to be the one place you can't go? Could hang out anywhere..y a bar? That's just me an what i think with all do respect

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