Is it okay for my partner and i to be nude all the time?

My bf and I hate wearing clothes. We only get dressed when absolutely necessary.

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  • I go nude as much as possible, even in public. I’ve been “lucky” so far by being careful and doing a lot of advance scouting. I learned a lot from Tiffany Thompson on the art of “not getting caught” that has so far, served me well. Nudists are AWESOME!

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  • In public no, in your own home with the blinds shut is no problem.

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  • I agree about living to be nude. But how do you deal with going to work ? I myself as a male, would be a toss up between being nude all the time or well I am a Crossdresser so I do enjoy lingerie at times too. Something about the feeling of wearing a comfy bra, yumm.

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  • Hey man I def understand this just be aware that other people shouldn't have to see you naked.

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  • I love being nude

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