Is it okay for teens to have these feelings?

I just feel kinda a wave of sadness. It's hurt and pain. I feel useless and a waste of space. I feel disgusting and gross to look at. People tell me it's teenage hormones but i don't know. No matter what people say i feel like i ruin everything during these times. When people say it's hormones it makes me feel worst. I feel like i worry my girlfriend and people who care for no reason but at the same time i feel like no one cares. Especially before i got my girlfriend in my life i contemplated ending it but i was always too scared to know what happens after death. I always worry about everything. Am I normal? I feel like a weirdo.

Edit- Tell me down below if I should talk to my councilor or something. I don't know what to do.

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  • i feel this way too sometimes even when i am called pretty by almost everyone i am surrounded with. it is totally normal

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  • I think you should talk to a therapist

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  • Probably should talk to a professional. Might need to try an antidepressant. Never been on them but the people I know on them have had a major change in their attitude. No sense feeling like crap if a pill can help you.

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    • I second this. I would say its not really normal to feel this way all the time and I too know people who are taking an antidepressant and feel like a new person on them.

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