Is it okay if my bf takes drugs behind my back

Is that bad ? My bf said he’s with drawling from kratom but I saw he’s looking up other like anxiety relief pills and powder plus Xanax !!!! He’s never told me about it...

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  • Get out now.

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  • If they are not prescription and you choose to stay in thebrelationship, then strap in tight. It's gonna be a he'll of a ride till either he is clean or you are not dating anymore. Most situations like that it seems the sober person stays due to codependent issues. But if you were smart, if they are not scrips, then pack your shit and go. What else is he not telling you the truth about? What else is he just not telling you.? You may "LOVE" him. But that alone won't save him. He won't quit them until he is DAMN good and ready or at the bottom of his barrel of life. If his pills were perscribed, then why would he hide them? If they are opioides then he will really need professional help to kick them. The more you tell him, argue with him, or demand he quit, you will probably be in for a fight. The last option to help save his life would be call police and have him arrested and let him sober up up in jail.

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  • Are these prescription drugs that a doctor has prescribed him for a medical condition, or is he a loser who gets them just to get high?

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  • Yeah kind of what nick said. Judging from this post it sounds like you wouldn't have positive things to say if you were open about it. Maybe do some research so you can help out and have something to offer in that conversation from his perspective.

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  • if you were my bitch id tell you to fuck off and my drugs usage was none of your buisness. im not your BF. my ex wife used drugs , she fuck doctors to get them. id flush them in the toilet , she used to be a Nurse i think she is in jail , she hasn't had a Facebook post in a year and she lost her nursing license. im sure the doctors are all fine , and happy to get serviced by drugged up housewives.

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