Is it okay that i’m scared to be seen in my lifejacket at the pool?

I have to have a life jacket around water to swim safely. Injury caused. And I loved swimming. But I’m so scared and embarrassed of people looking at me at a pool in my life jacket. Is it okay to be this afraid?? How do I conquer this??

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  • Since I don’t know what happened to make you fearful, I’m not sure I can offer the best support.

    But look, people don’t really care about others wearing flotation devices while in water. It’s what they’re meant for. However, if you wore a halloween costume...or nothing at all, then you may get some looks!

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  • Everyone at the pool is so fucking worried about how they look in a bathing suit that they won't even acknowledge your existence.

    Tell me about 1 person you still remember from the woukd have to poop in there to stand out.

    Swim & enjoy yourself. Yo...lo

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  • If anyone laughs at you, show them the middle finger

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  • Most people are fat these days so they will be too busy worrying about their fatness in a swimsuit to worry about you wearing a life jacket. Seriously.

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  • Honestly, if i was at the pool and saw someone in a life jacket, i would totally make fun of you behind your back and probably watch you to see you bobbing around in the pool.

    I know im an ass, im just being honest. These people who say no one cares, may be technically right they wont care. But there will be lots of looks and comments.

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  • I'd like to wear one, don't need one. Had a bad river accident.
    I swim fine, the pool I'm at has aggressive swimmers. Go late, so you can have fun!

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