Is it okay to allow my boyfriend visit my poor home?

Hello everyone, I have been dating for the past 5 months, and I live with my parents in a small apartment, just a comfortable life. My boyfriend has been asking to visit but I keep changing the topic because I don't feel comfortable with him seeing my house, do you think its okay to invite him, I need your advice please.

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  • If he likes you it shouldn't matter. If he rejected you just because you're poor, then he doesn't deserve you to begin with.

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  • You may want to at least tell him why you dont want him to come so he understands. But also of course it is ok to invite him. He just wants to see where you live, it isn't like he will be judgemental or something. 5 months is long enough you should be able to talk to him, but probably easier just invite him, I'm sure by the next day, if not that very night already you will be thinking about something else.

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  • Is your place at least neat and clean?

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  • If you've been dating for 5 months and he's never been to your place that's kinda weird.

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  • I think that if he matters to you, you need to feel comfortable with that . Why don't you feel comfortable? Not feeling comfortable may mean that you think that he is not that nice ( he is a snob) or that you don't trust him. This might be your fault ( you imagine him differently) or his fault.

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