Is it okay to ask this question?

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?

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  • There's a guy who works at a drinks stand near where I'd work and (in terms of looks anyway) he is the most fucking perfect man I've ever seen... so I'd have to pick him.

    I'd go and shag anyone who wanted me.

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  • Kim Jong-Un so I could nuke myself.

    Jk jk
    Um probably some rich person so I could sent money to myself (ik I'm selfish)

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  • Julianne Moore. I would feel what it's like to be a goddess for a day.

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  • Michael Jackson or Kurt cobain probs. If they were alive. If I had to pick somebody who's alive right now I'd probably wanna be a supermodel or something, just so I'd see what it'd be like to be so attractive. Even better would be to be a really really tall, skinny hot guy. I'd do whatever I wanted, probably be totally nuts

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  • If I was in the body of someone else I would keep fucking them till I nut

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  • Yes it's ok to ask the question.

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