Is it okay to avoid all my friends

Only had 3 really good friends in my life and 2 have ditched me and one I tried to repair but she's too malicious.
I hate socialising now and I hate talking to my "friends", the thing I only find fun is meeting up in a group with my uni friends and doing an activity,and no more than once a month.

I'm partially ignoring my new friends for 2 days at most and replying to them later. And one friend who I'm not that close to even when i've known them for 2 years won't stop calling me everyday. And she does it more often now because I told her I have depression. She annoys me because in the past she has hung up on me and made rude indirect remarks about my weight. I just want everyone to leave me alone I'm done with friends, my sister is enough for me.

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  • Don't Ignore Society Be A Part Of It Friends All Have Weaknesses Depression Is The Best Time to Know Your Friends are Close By If You Need Someone... It's Fine To Be Friends With your Sister But You've Got To Get Out There Make Friends You'll Be Hurt and Be Encouraged But If You Forcibly Drain Good Friends From Bad Ones You'll Even End Up draining Out All Friends Even Your Sister Can Be Pushed Out By This View Of Life, Life Is Not Not All Good All The Time Misunderstandings Can Also Ruin Friendships Once A Good Friend Of Mine told me Something That Hurt Me But After Ignoring Him For A While Push Him Away I Stated To Get Depressed To And The I Tried To Talk To Him See Why He Seemed To Insult Me All The Time About My Loud Voice And It Was A Misunderstanding And Still he Insults Me About my Loud Voice But Take It Ignore Has A Simple Fault Were All Human And Were Still Friends And I'm Sill Happy

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  • Can you forgive the give who made the comments about your weight? Is she a different person now?

    Maybe shes trying to be social with you because she wants to try to help you come out of your depression?

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    • Not really, she rude and I can't tell if it's unintentional anymore.
      I get that but it's not helping treating me like I'm a broken object now and calling me constantly isnt helping with my anxiety, talking over the phone is draining as well.

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      • What comments did she make about your weight?

        Its not treating you like a object if its just trying to see the best in you :)

        How do you feel you're being treated like a object?

        Talking to her will be worth it. Of course you dont have to stress yourself out and feel like you always gotta talk on the phone.

        But if you wanna get out of your depression, then you gotta try to be somewhat social ;)

        It should definitely help you. Trust me

        And like Bambi said, there are some asshole people out there, but not everyone is like that :) I think you should give some people a chance.

        Then do what you want. Your choice. Thats just how life is. But I always try to save my friendships, because we're supposed to help each other out, and I like to make friendships last if I can.

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        • For example if I tell her what I made for dinner or send a pic of a nice meal I ate. She points out that it has too much oil or salt etc. And she keeps bragging about how skinny she is when someone comments about it. And shames bigger people in general and if others are eating big/unhealthy meals.

          And she's pitying me too much it annoys me, and when I say broken object she keeps asking me how I feel everyday and if I say I feel fine she doesn't believe me. And alot of our convos end with her typing "hmm", which sounds like doubt, because our convos are composed of mainly questions from her about my mentality.
          Feel like being more social has made my depression worse, dealt with alot of stupid drama and horrible people that I even had to quit my job, was a shitty job too which made it easier.

          Maybe it's my personality but I always found hanging out with people draining. I rather do an activity like play a video game or do a escape room (RL puzzle rooms). Talking about random stuff in person can get really boring even if I'm eating, I rather enjoy the food and that's it. The only convos that haven't drained me are ones with my sister.

          I just feel like I won't ever find good friends like I did when I was younger and I'm fine with that, since I keep getting hurt and it's not worth it anymore. Since my sister is the closest thing to my old friends and we have alot in common, feel like she's enough for me.
          My interests are in objects and not people so not being very social doesn't bother me. But thanks for the reply just wanted another opinion before making a choice.

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          • Ohhhhh no thats normal. She just sounds concerned about your health.

            Im sorry your comments are too general, I would need another example of how shes bragging about being skinny, and how she shames fat people

            Maybe you just think shes against you when shes really not? Maybe it just comes from a point of being concerned?

            Did you mean shes pitying you by saying "Hmmm"?

            This mainly just sounds like shes concerned about you

            Theres different ways you can try to make yourself happy :) But being social is definitely one of the most common.

            Maybe you could just use a break to relax your mind from stress?

            Ive been stressful before myself, believe me.

            Is she is, then thats cool :) But always know, you can make more friends if you want :)

            Yup, you never have to give up making new friends. It can always be a option for you if you want. Cause theres some great people out there

            You just do you, is all :)

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  • I don't blame you for not wanting to be around rude little hoes. I feel the same way about my bitch ass friend so I am dropping her. I am sick of it. Anyways, enough about me, It is fine, some don't need friends..and that's fine. It isn't normal behavior but some people don't need friends.

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    • Yeah don't want to sound cynical. But looking at my parents friends from the past and my own. All our best friends have fucked us over, we've been nothing but kind. And I feel like it's mainly due to this countries cold nature when it comes to socialising.
      But my old and current friends put me off making new ones, much happier being friends with my sister.

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