Is it okay to be a white girl extremely attracted to asian guys?

Hey. I'm a 17 year old (white) girl and I'm super attracted to Asian males. It's been like this as long as I remember. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've never watched any Japanese cartoons or Korean music so I know it's not because of that. My "attraction" is so strong I couldn't even date any other race, not even my own. I've looked this up so many times and te internet says I have "yellow fever" (aka some kind of a paraphilia?). I don't even know. Just seeing a young Asian guy (especially if he's attractive), makes me sometimes wet (yes the attraction is that extreme 🤦🏻‍♀️). I feel like a racist. I don't know if I could ever date because I would feel like such an asshole. I understand that I'm objectifying and fetishsizing a race, but I can't stop it believe me, I've tried. Also I live in Finland (Northern Europe, Scandinavia), and there's NO Asian guys here. Sucks for me. I can't date here. I don't have money to move to Asia right now. I'm really horny. WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO?

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  • Thanks for your interesting post!

    There's nothing inherently racist about being only attracted to Asian men, but I do think you have some questions to ask yourself. Are you only interested in their physical appearance? Do you actually know anything about the many different and distinctive Asian cultures? What is your favorite Asian culture? Do you have any interest in learning a foreign language and culture that is most likely entirely different from your own? Do you have any interest in emigrating to another country where you could meet the type of man to whom you're attracted. Do you recognize that Asian men are people with feelings, ideas and opinions, not just objects for your arousal?

    There's nothing wrong with being attracted to different races and nationalities than your own, but to fetishize other human beings is wrong, and I don't give a rats ass what all the stupid degenerates think! What's most important is to find someone that you are compatible with, someone with whom you share common interests. Attraction is essential, and very important, but lust and attraction ought never to trump compatibility. You must never objectify other people, and reduce them just to their race and physical appearance in your head, because inside that body you may covet is a soul that God made that is just as individual and unique as your own.

    Also since you mention that you aren't interested in anyone who isn't Asian, and there seem to be no Asian men in your part of the world I think it necessary that you ask yourself whether you are afraid of intimacy, and afraid of commitment as you have chosen a type that seems to be quite unavailable to you at this time.

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  • As an Asian woman, my first question is: are you high on something? :D sorry, just kidding. I think it's perfectly normal to only be attracted to a certain race. I personally think we look boring because we all have damn black hair & dark brown eyes but hey...I'm grateful that there are people out there who find Asians attractive. If you do meet an Asian guy that you think you can have a relationship with, then give it a go. Who knows, he might be the right guy. Don't let the fear of being labelled a racist stop you from getting the happiness that you deserve.

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  • Geez I hope I never hear Korean music, if it makes you attracted to asian guys.

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  • If you work for just 3 months in Finland you will have plenty of money to travel Asia, just avoid japan and singapore

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    • Also don't listen to this racist nonsense, I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to be an Asian guy that misses out on dating some cute Finnish girl because she was convinced to do so is racist. I believe in feelings

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  • Maybe it's just the appeal of the exotic? You live in a society where everyone looks pretty much the same, so different is attractive.

    Since you recognize - intellectually - that your feelings are racist and you abhor racism, something pretty deep is clearly going on.

    Can't recall the details now, but I'm sure I've read something about how we (and women in particular) instinctively seek out sexual partners who are different because evolution has selected for pairings that are genetically diverse. Inbreeding results in offspring that are less healthy and so less likely to reproduce; out-breeding is more likely to produce offspring that are healthy and reproduce well.

    I don't think there's anything truly horrible about finding a particular "type" attractive. We're all wired differently. If you dated an Asian guy, you wouldn't be having a date with billions of people who share a particular set of physical characteristics, you'd be with one particular man. The degree of connection between you would depend on who you are, who he is, and how your personalities interact. I'm sure there are millions of Asian men you would not find attractive at all.

    Lots of people think Finland is sort of hanging off the edge of the world, but I'm sure you know perfectly well that you would not actually have to go halfway around the world to encounter Asian men.

    The only important question here is whether your feelings are having a negative impact on the life you have now. If your fixation is causing problems in your social life, then I would suggest you seek professional counselling.

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  • Yes. Race is a load of man-made bollocks. We're all humans.

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  • sure its fine , i happen to like asian women and im white those cute little titties like they belong on a 13 year old all perky and what not. and the sparse pubic hair thats always jet black and of course the all over tan. you might want to make sure he has a big dick though because on an asian 4 inches is pretty normal. in fact during the war the whores would refuse to service our black heroes because the brothers were just too big for asian women or they just lied to them and charged double who really knows.

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