Is it okay to be fond of tie-up games with sister?

When we were children, my sister and I used to play tie up games. Mostly, I would be the one tying her up for something like cowboys and indians, or I would tie her up and she would try to escape. We would use shoelaces or toy handcuffs. Sometimes, if it was a pretend kidnapping, I would put my hand over her mouth as part of the pretending. This play continued through our childhood, but eventually in our early teens, she stopped wanting to do it, while I still did, so there were some really awkward times where I would try to tie her up, and she would say no. Eventually, I grew out of it too, but I'm still fond of the idea of tying her up, even now as a 27-year-old adult. I've never wanted to do anything remotely sexual with her, but it seems weird to be so into tie up games with a sibling. Again, I don't think of her sexually, and moreover even though I said I'm still fond of the idea of tying her up, I'd never try to tie her up without her consent. The times when I tried to tie her up, after she didn't like playing anymore, were REALLY awkward, because she almost didn't understand why I would still want to play those games anymore. And we never really resolved that, we just stopped the play and have continued our sibling-ship as normal.

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  • Do you just miss playing with her?

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  • if you just are being reminiscent of times gone by, then it's normal. If she felt uncomfortable and wished it to stop and you pressed on then it is not okay. No means no, even when you feel there is no need for her reaction.

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  • You're kidding yourself if you think there's nothing sexual about it..There is.. Tying her up, making her immobile, especially against her will, gives you sexual power over her. Lets her know who's in charge, that you COULD do things to her if wanted to, and, MAY do so... It's putting the fear into her.

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