Is it okay to be more afraid to live than to die?

I have bipolar disorder, my maniac period is equally or even more dangerous than my depressive period, because I become impulsive and I urge to die becomes stronger in that time. I have no problems except this what so ever. I think about death everyday every hour. I fear the tomorrow and I'm afraid to live. Not that I'm not scared of death but I'm more frightened by the idea that I have so long to live.

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  • Suicidal ideation is pretty common with bipolar. I'm the same.

    I fear mania and I'm pretty much used to depression, so much that its comfortable to me.

    Happiness is a warning I'm about to go manic, which leads to all kinds of fucked up wreckage.

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  • I know very well how you feel,life sucks really.

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  • I can relate .......... life sucks .....

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  • In this day and age don't think so.

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  • I don't know how bipolar disorder works or how to treat it, so why don't you talk to a professional who does?

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