Is it okay to be nostalgic for nursery rhymes?

When I was a kid I loved singing nursery rhymes. Me and my sisters would sing them together and we loved doing the hand motions, playing dress up and acting out Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, Mary Had a little Lamb. We also had lots of hand puppets and stuffed animals we would play with. My favorite nursery rhyme was Itsy Bitsy Spider. Me and my sisters would love to sing it and make up new verses. We had this black spider hand puppet that we would play with as we sang along. My oldest sister would sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and tickle us with the puppet, which we loved.I remember one year for Halloween, two of us even dressed up as spiders and ran around singing Itsy Bitsy Spider.

These songs bring back good childhood memories. Is it okay to still like nursery rhymes.
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