Is it okay to be scared of people hear you using the toilet?

Recently I have been scared of people hearing me using the toilet since I don't want them to judge.I'm scared I may get sick from not going straight after I know I need the toilet. If any of you know what I should do or have any suggestions on how to get rid of this problem, I'd be happy for you to tell me.

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  • If it bothers you that much why don't you play some music on your phone while you are on the toilet.

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  • I think you should work on your spelling and capitalization.

    As far as the toilet is concerned I think you should not worry so much to be honest. People who would judge you for making sounds while you use the bathroom are just a bunch of bitches. Honestly, I would like such people to hear me while I take a two minute long pee then drop a heavy deuce, and I would prefer that such people hear me when they're eating.

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