Is it okay to break up with my girlfriend over the phone?

we've been seeing each other for 6 months, but sparsely, usually about 1-2 times a week, but on two occasions once a month due to travel.

won't go in to detail of why I'm calling it off, but I'm sure it's what i want.

i do kind of want to do it in person, but I'm super busy the next few days and she lives 1.5 hours away so i was thinking about just calling her and working it out and getting it over sooner rather than delaying it any further. and also troubling both of us (mainly her) with any kind of travel/emptying plans for the day to meet up just to break up.
what do you think?

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  • Whatever you do, don't ship her clothes back to her and ghost her. A girlfriend of 18 months did that to me once and it was terrible.

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  • At least it's better than a text message.

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  • Would it be an option to just let things fade away? Like maybe decrease contact and dates?
    I am not talking about just vanishing but increasing distance, perhaps she will then want to end it which is what you wanted anyways.

    I mean come on, once or twice a week and live 1.5 hours apart? Just how solid can the relationship be anyways?

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  • Just hope she’s not crazy and drives one and a half hours to slash your tires.

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  • Breakups should be done face to face. It's usually considered cowardly to do it over the phone. The only exception is if the person you're dating is an abusive psycho.

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  • Sure, if you're a piece of shit.

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  • Face to face, hombre.

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  • You really should try and do it face to face if possible.

    I once broke up with someone over webcam (I had booked a train home the next day to do it in person but he repeatedly asked me on skype if I was coming home to break up with him and in the end I caved and said yes).

    He was a nice guy and I still regret it to this day.

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  • Best option is just to cheat on her.

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