Is it okay to cry when thinking about deceased loved ones?

My great uncle Moe Doerfler died in September of 2016 and ever since I cry sometimes thinking about him because I just
miss him so bad it hurts.

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  • I bet you miss Grandma Evans too huh?

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  • Yes, of course it's normal to think of a deceased loved one, and cry. I can think of very few things in this life that are more normal, and natural than grieving the loss of a loved one. My God, it hasn't even been three years since your great-uncle passed, dear heart! The pain of loss that you feel is part of your humanity.

    I know the pain of loss well, for me it's this heavy, aching hole in the middle of my chest.

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  • Of course it's okay. I cry about my nan sometimes.

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  • I miss my Grandma, and yes, when I talk about her to others I usually get choked up. She has been gone maybe 30 yrs or so. But honest to God, she was THE SWEETEST woman on earth. I'm getting choked up writing this.

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  • yes

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  • I miss my dad.

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