Is it okay to date your late spouse/boyfriend's family member?

I'm hoping to get some perspective from this community on a tough but not uncommon topic.

After the death of a loved one, a spouse is often drawn to the sibling or best friend of the person they lost.

I think this is far more common than many realize - and there's a stigma that keeps people from talking about it and connecting.

Has anyone else been through this? How did you navigate it?

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  • after my first wife's death her little sister would come by twice a week to drain my nuts for me, i explained she didnt have to help me out in that way but she said if it was not her it would be some stranger in a bar and thats not what her sister would have wanted for me. after a year i suspected she was not servicing my brother in law (her husband) so i cut her off. its not worth wrecking a marriage when i can in fact go to a bar and get sex.

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