Is it okay to feel sexually unattractive?

I am 19 and I had never been in a relationship ever and for the first time I got into one. Turns out, the girl was confused all the time and in the end ended it because she had no feelings for me. I feel really bad since this has been the pattern throughout- nobody has feelings for me. I constantly feel sexually unappealing and any sight of a girl makes me think about this. Girls around me typically feel attracted to older looking males with gym physiques. I rather spend my time learning stuff and I don't have six packs, chiseled jaws and all.

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  • Stop and think about how many people in your life you actually like and want to be around. Maybe 1 in 10 if your lucky.

    How many of those people are female. Roughly 1 in 2.

    Now how many of those females ( 5% of everyone we meet) are you physically attracted to? Maybe 1 in 10 again? So one half of 1% are candidates and both people need to feel the same.

    The odds of finding someone we like and want to have sex with is usually pretty dang small. Couple that with them having the same thoughts and it's tiny.

    It amazes me any of us actually hook up at all.

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  • Its normal.

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  • You sound like my type of guy. I would love someone who hasn't been with 20 girls.

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  • It is normal to feel that way, but do not let it control you. A little bit of doubt is necessary so that you don't become arrogant, and self centered but you must learn not to show this.

    Women are attracted to men who do stuff. Proactivity, assertiveness and self confidence is more important than your looks. Men are visually oriented but women are much less so. They generally seek a partner who can defend them and provide for them, so if you act like the first breeze will knock you over our scare you away that's not attractive. It's not your physique, as long as you're overall healthy, you are fine in that department.

    I believe you simply need to learn how to look more confident, more active and basically fake it till you become it.

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  • Welcome to the bottom of the barrel 19 year old. Guys we get progressively more valued as we get older topping out at 45. Women on the other hand hit their peak at 18. You are just seeing the contrast, wait on it and you are going to get another female.

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  • Confidence goes a long way dude, bitches can smell desperation.

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  • Time to start working out bud. Its healthy and it feels good. Nothing wrong with learning, but you gotta balance theory with practice.

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  • You just have bad confidence problems.
    You should be worrying on who YOU are interested in, not whether she is interested in you. Males who get too into a girl who has not already shown interest in them automatically turn her off.
    Focus on what is good for YOU not whether you are good enough for some girl.

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  • Yeah I also used to feel that way. You are still young, plenty of opportunities will come later and these will be more serious and meaningful relationships. Focus on studies for now, and take everything else as " experience."

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  • Outside a year ago im 20 no one had ever even hit on me outside of online interaction wich doesn't really count. Let alone ever dated anyone. Yes it's normal, ypull find your partner

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  • Be patient, you will find your mate.

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    • As well, id love to meet a nice inexperienced 19 year old. I would definitelty make you feel good for awhile anyway!;)

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  • Grow a beard, you'll look sexier.

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    • Mrown
      To who?
      I don't find anything sexy about a beard.
      It's sloppy to me.
      Looks to hippy.
      Feels like pubes.
      What's sexy about that?

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      • It's scientifically proven that majority of women prefer men with beards.
        If you take good care of your beard it won't be sloppy nor feel like pubes.

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        • Mrown.
          With respect.
          Unless you'd care to specify your scientific proof.
          I'm calling B.S.
          You can claim anything.
          Trump makes a living making statements with no basis in reality.
          You need facts and stats to back your claim.
          Beards were fashion.
          Fell out, came in.
          Etc. Ebb and flow.
          Hairy chests used to be sexy, now guys epillady everything and are smoother then lots of women.
          It's a fad.
          Not a scientific rule of attraction.

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          • I've read somewhere (a month ago so i don't remember the source, sorry that i can't give it to you to prove it), of someone who asked a bunch (I don't remember how many) of women about their preferences in men's appearance. Most of them stated that they prefer men with beards, becouse they seem more mature, or like how beards look and feel.
            If you want, you can google it and confirm it for yourself, maybe the research I've read about was just bullshit.

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