Is it okay to feel strongly about imaginary " companion "

So i have been dealing with this issue for couple of years now. I made up one imaginary friend in my mind and i keep on talking to him all the time in fact i can feel his body sometimes when i want to. this is getting very serious that i can feel the sorrow between us i sometimes cry on things that happens between us, weird right? It does not feel weird to me instead feels so real even real than the real life..i often catch myself spending hours and hours with him..and when i am at work i have this rush inside me to go home and spend time with him...i dont want to go see a therapist but i just want to know is it affecting anything mentally ? should i at least " try " to stop it? my happiness is somehow attached to this imaginary friend i dont want to think myself without it but then again when i come back real life i feel a bit sad that is it even worthy? how long is it going to stay...also i want to live in my imaginary world more than in real world..why is it so...not that i am unhappy with my life i have everything that one should have at this me?

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  • You might like to research the Anima/Animus concept. It's an idea in psychology that suggests everyone has an inner companion of the opposite sex within their consciousness that can help with self-discovery and positive growth. It is very, VERY common for women especially to experience an unspoken inner relationship with an imaginary archetypal male. You understand that this companion exists within your own mind and is not causing you distress; I'm positive this is a relatively normal phenomenon that many people experience but simply don't discuss. :)

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  • Why don't you bring him to work with you?

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    • Speaking from experience, talking to someone who isn't physically there in public is generally a bad idea.

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  • Look up what a tulpa is. You just described one.

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