Is it okay to frequently flex peeing muscles?

I constantly like a tick flex or contract my peeing muscles which are muscles that when you release you start to pee and when you hold it you dont. I have no fear to piss myself or anything. I just do that all the time and cant stop myself. I do not know what I am actually contracting, peeing muscle or abdominals or prostate or bladder itself but I mean people do it right to understand how much pee there is accumulated in bladder. I mean by contracting is like pulling that muscle not pushing or in other words sending pee up back to bladder. I do it generally on walk not while sitting. I am feeling an urgency to do so. Also I cant sleep without fully empty bladder because I cannot bear it even there is a few drop of pee inside the bladder. It has to go. However after I sleep there is no problem. Sorry for my inferior medical terminology I am just desperate. What do you think is the reason. Psyhologic maybe as I am a fat ass who hates his belly and my belly feels like it will exlode due to pressure inside. Maybe my belly pressurize my bladder

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  • Kegal exercises mean better erections.

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  • The medical term for what you're tensing is the pubococcygeus (or PC) muscle, and what you're doing is commonly called Kegel or pelvic floor exercises.

    It's a good idea to have this muscle toned because, as you say, it controls the flow of urine. Women are particularly prone to urinary incontinence, but men can have the problem too. (Also, the vaginas of women with well-developed PC muscles grip the penis more snugly during sex, and this can have pleasant results for both the man and woman.)

    I have no idea why this has become a habit with you, but I very much doubt if having a strong PC muscle is going to cause any problems. You can't strain or damage it, because it's not equivalent to you lifting a too-heavy weight, but more like you continually flexing your biceps or some other muscle.

    As far as pressure on your bladder is concerned, I suspect you may have a valid point about you being overweight playing some role in this. We all have internal abdominal fat ("visceral fat") as well as subcutaneous fat (the fat you can pinch), and that internal fat can restrict the room for organs inside the abdomen. For what it's worth, my experience is that it did seem like my bladder had a smaller capacity when I was more overweight than I am now.

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    • thank you for explaination I believe all I am experiencing is psychological and I have to find a way to stop this somehow.

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