Is it okay to give fiancée a fake engagement ring?

I want to get something that looks real even with a magnifying glass but it has to be under $30. I found some good options already but I dunno if she will show her friends, and then one of them says "it's fake" then she goes to a pawn shop and they tell her it's worth like $20.

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  • Proposing with an inexpensive ring, even a rubber band or cigar band, perfectly fine if she's not too materialistic. Doing it while trying to trick her into thinking it was expensive, not so fine. There are many ways this could backfire badly and it shows you're deceptive with your own fiancée.

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  • Not good to start your marriage with deceit and lies.

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  • Me and my husband both have inexpensive rings. But It was a mutual decision to be frugal; He never lied to me.

    You lie to her and she finds out, you're gonna get dumped.

    Just discuss your values with her and explain an expensive ring isn't in your plans.

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  • There's only an issue here because we care about what other people think and have bought into this consumerist lifestyle big corps advertise us to sing to their tune. It's mediocre to me, following like sheep the whole big diamond ring and pointless big white wedding. I don't even want a ring for my wedding or engagement, but that's my story.

    So hey, my friend's fiance bought her a pea-sized diamond ring for her engagement. She's young and we totally admired that he was a hard working honest guy and didn't go into debt to get her a huge diamond she didn't need. Perhaps later, that would be his plan. I know that's what my father did.

    You are living your life, not anyone elses so do what both you and fiance are happy with. Heck, even talk to her about this, it might bring you guys closer. I think it's really sweet you want to buy her the best, but can't afford it, and you're fretting over that, it shows you care. Just don't get her anything fake. It'll play on your conscience, like it's doing already.

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  • She already knows your financial situation, if your relationship has been real, and you're not some con artist. She'll see through the deception pretty quickly.

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  • My husband proposed with a fake ring. We were on the road travelling at the time and he explained he didn't want to take a real diamond with us in case he lost it, and once we went back home he would buy me a real diamond (he had the money set aside already).

    I was over the moon with my fake ring. I still am. I never let him buy me that diamond because to me my engagement ring is the one he gave me when he asked me to marry him and I will treasure it forever. Besides, we were just starting our new life back then and the thought of wasting all that money on a diamond made no sense to me, we didn't even have a house yet.

    The point I'm making is as long as you're honest and tell her that it's just all you can afford right now, if she loves you she won't care a bit. JUST DON'T LIE. THIS IS KEY.

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  • Fake ministers and fake marriage certificates are much cheaper than the genuine article too. And since a fake marriage doesn't require a divorce to end, it's a helluva lot cheaper in the long-run.

    But seriously, dude, WTF?

    The whole engagement ring thing is a load of BS in my view. Not only is jewellery absurdly overpriced for what it is and diamonds a scam run by a cartel, the idea of putting a ring on a woman's finger to claim her is really kinda icky if you think about it.

    But if your girlfriend buys into all that crap and you're willing to go along with it, then you have to bite the bullet, be a good little consumer sheep, buy the real thing, and go into debt.

    Unless you keep your girlfriend chained up in cabin in the Ozarks, of course she's going to show her friends. And you have to assume that at least one of them will spot the fake and it will be examined by an expert. So where will that leave you?

    Personally, I think it would leave you in a better place since you wouldn't have a materialistic girlfriend, but you may not agree.

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  • Are you in fact the girl, posting as if you were the guy? If so, he totally shouldn't have lied to you.

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  • The diamond only status quo.
    Was actually a genius marketing move.
    By, if I recall debeers.
    Be honest, if you want nice sparkle I see nothing wrong with a nice gold
    ( not plated ) ring, with a C.Z. rock. $30 is way to cheap though.
    If you cant afford better, you probably should wait.
    Just my opinion.
    No, money doesn't guarantee a happy wedding.
    But arguments about the money cause plenty of divorces.

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  • I feel sorry for this girl because you're trying to give her a fake ring. If you can't afford a nice ring, then buy a small, and modest ring instead. Don't be dishonest! You sound like a dishonest person of poor character.

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  • Lol Its alright.

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