Is it okay to have a bit of a stench right in my butt crack?

Ok so I do shower and stuff. But after a day at uni I came home and my boyfriend was there and we....started.... He lifted my thigh length skirt revealing my high wedged thong sucked deep inside. He quickly bent me over and moved the thong from inside my ass and dug his fingers and smelt.

It smelt of poop however he loved it and gave me a good fuck.

Btw I wipe my butt with tissue and do not use water wipes because they make my butt really itchy .

I just wanted to know if it is normal.


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  • O_O ....X_X

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  • If your both O.K. with it, sure. Anything is normal if two consenting adults do it and enjoy it. And I do mean anything.

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  • Females have worse smelling butts than males. On top of this a preponderance of meat in your diet will make you wreak worse.

    And it sounds like you may have as most females do a concentration of adipose tissue near the anus causing both sweat to amass and then combine with bacteria coming from your unwashed sphincter.

    I've said before that these thin pieces of fabric worn must wreak of poop, as there is constant rubbing of them against your poop particles and spreading them about that area.

    You can try wearing larger underwear, eating less meat, and spraying water at your ass. But this is part of being a girl, we know you all have really smelly asses.

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    • You do have an endless fund of rubbish in your head, don't you? How many bums of different genders have you surveyed to come to such an idiotic conclusion?

      Oh and by the way, that's REEK not wreak .......

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    • Poop particles! HAHAHAHA!

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  • That is so fuckin nasty I will always love to lick pussy but when it cums to licking butt or liking the smell that is not normal. Yuck

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  • Uhhhhhhh

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  • If it turns on your boyfriend then great, if not use a wet wipe or sprat your ass with perfume.

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  • It's where you poop from. It doesn't matter how much you wipe, it'll never smell good and it's not supposed to.

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  • My wife had that before

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  • Yeah it's normal. I am a girl and my ass smells like shit. But I'm happy that my boyfriend loves it

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