Is it okay to have a crush on a video game character?

Alright, this has been going on for a few weeks and I wanted to know if it was normal. I have a crush on a character from The Walking Dead game by Telltale. I have a crush / am in love with Clementine. (Season 3 Clementine and up, not Season 1, not Season 2. Because Season 3 Clementine and up is 14+) I don't have a sexual attraction to her, but I think she is very beautiful. I think about it all the time and I cannot get over it. I wanted to know if these feelings for a fictional character are normal. And please don't criticize me for it, I just wanna know if it is and why I have these feelings.
(I am a teenager by the way, not a pedo...)

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  • Yes! It's completely normal. I play video games and I have a few crushes on them as well. Mu friends have some too. It's completely normal!

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  • I use to have a major crush on harley quinn when I was a kid. She gave me my first boner.

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