Is it okay to have no middle grounds?

I want something too badly at the same time I do not want it at all. For example, Half my heart wants to fuck my gf so deeply but the other half does not want to do so because of possible consequences that would fuck me up. I either love people so greatly or hate so much that I want a bus to run over them even tough they did nothing to me. I want my girlfriend to be perfectly fine at the same time I want her to be miserable. I try to emphatize with people and I do so but only for an hour. Dying people(my relatives) does not make me sad at all. I feel a lot about anything and everything people say make so much sense that I cannot build my opinions on anything. Stupid things make me happy and rational things make me sad

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  • You sound like u might be suffering from antisocial personality disorder (sociopath), see a gp?

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    • Well I dont know I have seen a lot of doctor but I am not diagnosed with any personality disorder yet. I have OCD, perfectionism and social issues

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