Is it okay to have suicidal thoughts all the time?

This may sound edgy or weird but I do have this fight with myself all the time, trying to convince myself it is normal but then hearing it's actually not; I assume this is something related to depression that makes me doubt it so hard?

So I ask, is this actually normal? Am I that fucked up in the head or is it something normal people (people with no mental illnesses) have too?

P.S: Sorry for the shitty grammar. Not a native English speaker.

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  • No it isn't.
    You can go ahead a think about suicide if you want,
    but you'd better not actually do it
    because you could get into big trouble because it's against the law.

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  • Few people are so blessed that their life is nothing but sunshine, lollipops and rainbow farting unicorns from the moment they slip out of their mother giggling their little heads off until they pop their clogs while having the most incredible sex of their lives at the age of 110.

    So I think most people, if they were honest, would admit that they've thought about it at least once when their present and future has seemed very bleak and hopeless. People might also think about it when they hear about someone else who is coping with some horrendous, inescapable situation and they imagine what they'd do in that situation.

    But thinking about it all the time is not normal, and it suggests you should consider talking to a health professional about your negative thoughts.

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  • Not normal. Normal people don't have an overwhelming suicidal urge. And I don't either anymore after getting help.

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  • take antidepressants plus benzos, add other meds if they prove inadequate.

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  • I suppose in everyone’s darkest moments it is normal. But that doesn’t mean it’s right. You need to know you are ok. And you’re better than that. I’m here if you wanna talk.

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  • Seek an expert in mind control.

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  • No.

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  • Speak to someone at a mental health service, they can prescribe medication that will fix that.

    The brain sometimes goes into a self-destruct mode when it feels down.

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  • Not normal, get help.

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  • Sorry no that's not normal. Life can be overwhelming sometimes but you should really talk to someone.

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