Is it okay to have to curl my hair before i go to anywhere, even sports

i want curly hair so bad and i really cant go back since i have curled my hair for 8 months now so it would be embarrassing to just have my straight hair plus it looks horrible

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  • you can tie up your hair in a specific way after you shower so you dont have to curl it in the morning...

    look up a tutorial on youtube :)

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  • just tie your hair everyday

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  • get a perm LOL this isnt even a problem, and one day you'll want a style change

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  • Unless you feel like it's holding you back from appreciating the person you really are or keeping you from leaving the house.

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  • It's possible, and quite likely, that your straight hair looks lovely and nobody thinks it looks horrible. :)

    But sure, it's perfectly find to straighten or curl your hair, whatever makes you happiest! Often we enjoy what we don't have. My straight-haired sister always wanted curly, and I've known curly-haired girls who straightened it. There's no shame in styling yourself to fit your personal preferences. But I hope you always feel beautiful, no matter what you do with your hair :)

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