Is it okay to lick to the blanket?

When I was a baby, I had a habit of licking the blanket. I guess they thought it was a weird baby habit, so they never did anything about it. Now I'm seventeen, almost eighteen, about to go to college- and I still lick the blanket! Although it kind of became a spitting/licking habit now. It makes me feel comfortable, safe, and it relaxes me when I'm stressed. It's a weird habit, I know- and one that I want to change. Is it normal? When I search it up, apparently only cats do it, which makes me so frustrated.

I had to get braces when I was younger because my tongue kept pushing my teeth forward when I licked the blanket. Could this be a habit formed when I was a baby? I don't think I can stop it now, because it's an addicting habit! I just can't find methods or articles talking about humans doing this other than cats!

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  • Chew on cinnamon sticks to satisfy the oral fixation. Or chew gum or whatever to ween off the blanket licking. Or don’t do anything about it and keep it private and have it be your weird quirk that only your girlfriend (assuming) will know about.

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    • I dunno if I have a sensitive tongue, but chewing on a cinnamon stick sounds horrible and bitter.

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  • It’s very normal to find something you did when you were younger relaxing. Hell we even see it in animals. I have things like that too. It creates a sense of being safe and a almost nostalgic feeling. As for the idea of blanket licking it’s certainly different but the idea of why you are doing it is quite normal.

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  • What is okay is to lick my juicy pussy :)

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