Is it okay to not be able to pronounce words properly?

I am great speller, a great reader but.. speaking is definitely something I suck at.

The way I say words seem to muck up my Education, I'm not sure if people notice it in the way I speak but I know I notice it.

Just like if I was saying thank you to someone I would pronounce it like "sank you".

So.. Is it okay to not be able to pronounce words properly?

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  • Trust me, people notice..And it may make you look stupid. Try harder, practice at home, and think about what you want to say and how in your mind before it exits your mouth..

    My ex-wife had a somewhat similar thing. Even though we went to college together and she was in the finance field, she came off as just not that smart. Making it worse, was when she'd try to say things she thought sounded smart, but came out as ten times more stupid (that came from her mom, who was uneducated but tried to sound highly educated, but always sounded awful). I'd tell her, you're not stupid, but, need to think about things you say before you say it.

    She was also one to get common sayings wrong. Would mean "Robbing the cradle" if an older guy was dating a younger woman, but would say "Rocking the baby". I knew what she meant, but others didn't. Made herself look dumb.

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  • so long as you try to improve , i had a stroke and had to teach myself speach again. never give up. Its nice when someone that doesn't know you had a stroke says hey , what happened to your stutter you used to have?

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  • Ever listen to radio and TV announcers who cant pronounce the name of the city they are from properly? Eg: Toronto and they say Tronto or Trono -- illiterate?

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