Is it okay to see things when you're tired that aren't there

I just got done with a crazy week which left me with less sleep. After a crazy night, I was driving home and I saw a dog walk across the street onto the side walk. When I got closer to the dog, it disappeared. I was looking head on and I saw what breed it was too. Am I hallucinating?

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  • That's normal: I experienced this recently waiting outside a bus depot in the early hours of the morning. Out of the corner of my eye I saw people walking, cars driving by slowly and letterboxes that moved: all imaginary due to lack of sleep.

    Other times at home I've seen mice running across the floor but they were entirely hallucinatory.

    Think about it: why do you think sleep deprivation is used as torture to force people to confess to anything?

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  • WEIRD I have another story now about my brother.

    When I was about 16 we got my brother stoned for the first time. A small black cat crossed the road, next thing I turned around to see my brother running away. I said what the fuck dude. Hes like man you see that big black vicious dog, bloody rottweiler, thought it was coming for me. Oh did me and my friend laugh, oh how we laughed.

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  • Sounds like a hallucination due to a lack of sleep. What breed of dog was your hallucination?

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  • Last week I was smoking out my window and thought I saw somebody get hit by a car. Must have been shadows as there was nobody there. Lack of sleep can fuck you up.

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