Is it okay to ship fictional characters?

I've felt a bit of shame in me since the very beginning for wanting to ship fictional characters.
For almost every fandom I've joined (though there are several exceptions) I've found characters that I wanted to ship together. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't, but in the end I always do it.
I always look up fanart and fanfiction, but a little voice in my head tells me this isn't right. That its unnatural to makes these kind of ideas about fictional characters.
"You should just take the character as they are presented in the book/movie/show and stop putting your headcannons out there. They aren't supposed to be like this."

Usually the creator of those characters expresses discomfort for what we are doing and it makes me feel even worse. Are we allowed to do these things to someone's characters? Should we be allowed to do these things?
I feel like I'm disrespecting them every time I look up fanart or thing about pairings that aren't cannon. I think I am making the creator angry when I do that.

Should I stop doing this alltogether?

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  • It's fine and normal, I've dabbled in dozens of fandoms over the years and shipping and headcanons are some of most popular and common things out there. Most creators these days expect and accept it (from what I've seen), even if they don't personally like the ships. Just don't be one of those 'fans' that try to demand they make your ship/headcanon, canon. THAT'S not normal nor okay to do.

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  • I do the same thing all the time. It's nothing to be ashamed of! Occasionally in shows, the authors have changed the storyline because of so many people shipping two characters together, because it will make the VIEWERS happy! Honestly, It's perfectly normal.

    Keep on shipping! :)

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    • But most of the time they just get uncomfortable when people ship them (at least in my experience.)
      It makes me feel a little freaky for doing it.

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