Is it okay to talk, see and think of yourself in third person?

Sometimes I can see myself from a perspective but for a few seconds. I mostly talk to myself through a mirror as if it's a completely different person, I once thought it was a personality disorder or something. It became weird from the point that I can literally just sit and talk to myself, play card games and argue about things with myself like it's a completely different person. But it became awkward when I don't just do this to a person but thinking and seeing myself twice in third person creating three different personalities.

Is It OK To?
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  • Yeah, its totally under your control to stop. You just don't wanna own up to your shit

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  • no you slick probably have some psychological fear of yourself or youre trying to avoid something that you think will go away by ignoring it like this... bruh just get comfortable in your own shoes this is weird shit

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  • It is actaully quite normal i guess. Sometimes we all refer to ourseleves in the third person especially when we are describing something that we did. Or when i am angry at myself i talk to myself as if i am in the third person. However yours sounds like its gotten a bit bizarre maybe you shoukd talk to a psychologist about this? Im sure he/she will have something more informed to say etc. take care

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  • I think of myself and the situations around me only in memes. Sometimes I say these out loud. It gets weird

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