Is it okay to tell a date about some unethical? things you did

I promised an old man he could live downstairs if I bought his house but it was not in a contract so I kicked him out a few months later. I had a good reason cause I needed paying tenants to cover the mortgage.

Another place I bought I kicked out a family with little kids but they were just tenants and didn't have any rights.

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  • You should tell absolutely anyone you know about these things so that they know what they're getting into so that they can take off running.

    Neither of those things are just "unethical". Unethical is littering or cutting in line. Both of those things you've described are freaking horrifying acts. You basically stole an old man's house because you didn't make enough money to buy it in the first place. That isn't a good reason, it's poor planning.

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  • So you are a shitty slumlord? What goes around comes around.

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  • OP can't be genuine. People who are cunning enough to manipulate people out of their houses and leverage the law against them, can't be stupid enough to write about it on somewhere like IIN. Troll?

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  • Sorry but... you are just a disgusting human being. Are you sure you are not a psychopath? I would never tell anyone about this unless you want that person to loose all their respect for you. I hope karma gets you sooner or later.

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  • Tbh you seem fun

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  • If you're comfortable in telling someone, sure. But, also be ready to answer questions and not go on the defensive. Also, as the above response stated..Maybe try living your life better, so deciding to tell someone something unethical you did wouldn't be an issue.

    That said, though, if you're admitting things in a joking, "One time I.." fashion, and it's not too bad, it's excusable. I was helping a good (and hot) female friend with transportation after she was injured in an accident andnot driving, for months, and we grew closer. Were out one afternoon, and the topic of "tell me some of the bad things you've done" came up. I told her a few things from my past, and she did the same, including a few petty theft instances she'd done. Told me when she was first on her own and broke, wanted a new bikini, so, snuck it into the dressing room and wore it out under her clothes, did the same with shoes, and, per her words "probably stole a hundred bottles of nail polish from different places..I had a real problem!".

    Doesn't make her a bad person, and, she stopped the behavior. I found her openess fun and refreshing.

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  • Just stop living your life in an unethical manner.

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