Is it okay to think about my death and how i will be forgotten?

So lately I’ve been thinking that my life is essentially pointless. I’ve been thinking a lot about my death, and really no one would even care, but even if they did, they’d forget about me years after I die. But is this normal? I’m starting to believe I have a mental health issue, so a response could help.

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  • Go away I don't wanna think about dying.

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  • I'd like to think that my closest friends will remember me as a good friend, godfather and supporter, my employees will hope now that I'm gone, they'll get raises and many people will remember me for being a car-obsessed douchebag and left lane maniac.

    I'm happy with the first part of this little story.

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  • i think about how im alive and ive been forgotten

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  • It could be depression, or you could just be a realist.

    It's up to you to decide what the point of your life is. That can be difficult and some people never figure it out, but it's all down to you.

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  • It wouldn't be years. No one admits this but it will be days, save a few memories every once in while. In a infinite *think about the term* universe, what point could there ever possibly be?

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