Is it okay to think that some "average people" don't deserve a good life?

This isn't about the most extreme examples in society (rapists, murderers, etc.), but an average person.
I refuse to believe that there aren't certain "average people" that are (in my opinion) awful without being a psychopath or something along those lines that excuses them.

Imagine a guy named Bob. Bob lives with his mom and sister.
Bob never smiles at his mom and tries to avoid them when he can. He isn't a total recluse, and can go outside and work just like everyone else. He never engages in small talk and barely does anything with his friends. Bob has only has friends through work, and he doesn't go out of his way to hang out with them (only if it is convenient for him.)
Personally, he doesn't like any of his friends or family "just because." In fact, he plans on leaving everyone behind and moving far away, never contacting them again. He has some problems with them, but thinks it is a "waste of time" to try fixing them.

(This is just a combination of certain things I can't stand about people in real life. Be sure to let me know what you think.)

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  • Maybe Bob is depressed and anxious? Maybe Bob has a mood or personality disorder? Maybe Bob's family aren't so nice themselves?

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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  • Bob seems introverted and shy. Why bully him?

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  • Bob sounds like a disgruntled malcontent. Leave Bob alone to live his miserable existence. Only he can change his life if he wants to.

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  • You can't say that just because of your opinion... he might be anxious, depressed, scared even. I understand if you don't like him, but to say that he doesn't deserve a good life is so harsh. I was with you at start, but then you said that he doesn't need a good life... Just shut up you watered down gravy granule!

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  • Wow you would hate me

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  • Family problems can do that to someone. If he wants to leave them behind and live a happy, burden free, existence, that's his choice.

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  • And who are you? You seem more horrible than the people you're talking about.

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  • Mind your own business and worry about yourself.

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