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Is it normal to automatically think about what someone would say to you? For instance, I was thinking about how amazing it is that they can forecast the weather temperature and I was wondering about the process of figuring that out. Then I thought, some geek would probably tell me I'm stupid and that we learned that in grade school. Like I instantly visualize some geek guy telling me that. I just wonder if that is normal thinking or is that like hearing voices?

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  • I should have studied meteorology.

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  • if you had some balls you would tell those voices to shut the fuck up and they just leave the room .

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  • No one "forecasts" the weather. They just take past data and apply it.

    Sometimes they just look at yesterday, change it a couple degrees and call it good 😂.

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    • i have notice my weatherman reporting yesterday's weather today's weather and tomorrow's weather and i was wondering why they did that. then i realized without even trying they were right 66 percent of the time even if they guess tomorrow's weather wrong. then if they guess it right their weather reports are 100 percent correct . nobody cares about yesterday's or today's weather but those snooty assholes are still telling us all the same. i especially want to just fucking choke the assholes that tell me how i need to dress , they are not my fucking mother. then you have the crazy assholes that thank you for allowing them into your home via the goddamn fucking TV set. I just remembered i stopped watching TV 6 months ago. time flies. i was waiting for those big 4k sets to come down in price now i dont even want one.

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  • The only stupid questions are the ones never asked.

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