Is it okay to want a more tradional relationship?

I know it’s taboo today to have a relationship where the man is the head of the household and in charge and makes rules and what not. But I actually want that. I prefer the over protective authority male as a partner. I would rather rules and expectations and be corrected for behavior or disrespect. Be his household maker and supporter. Is this normal to want that?

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  • it's not taboo, and if this isn't a bait post,
    "I would rather rules and expectations and be corrected for behavior or disrespect."
    red flag there, but good luck finding someone who wants a partner with the mind of a child.

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  • This is better in theory than in practice.

    I get it though, in fantasy, he probably respects and loves you; and gently, yet oh so firmly put you in your place if you dare to disobey the slightest bit all while being loving, yet sexual. However, in reality, men are not like this.

    Not all traditional marriages were bad if everyone were careful about who they picked for a partner. But most marriages back then with such rigid-gender roles were harsh environment for women due to controlling men such as what you want. Often times they were beaten, berated, and more.

    Stay safe...

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  • I can see the appeal of that sort of relationship for someone who doesn't want to take responsibility for their own life. Growing up is hard.

    If your highest aspiration is to remain infantile and spend your life catering to the whims of a Daddy-figure husband, that choice is open to you. There are plenty of insecure, controlling men out there who would love to have a wife-child who constantly fawned over them and allowed them to do whatever the hell they wanted. They usually end up treating their wife like shit because they have no respect for her and grinding her down makes them feel powerful and important, so good luck with that.

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  • You know if you made a post about wanting to adopt the traditional gender roles, I'd say yeah, that's evidently quite normal. You know, mom takes care of the kids and works from home and dad has the stable 9-5 job. But you had to add in the part, that you want to be corrected for your behaviour. That's not normal and sounds masochistic to me. Although in many cases, it's what I've come across, the one who works emotionally berates and abuses the one who stays at home or the one who stays at home, has major insecurities which eventually pulls the family apart.

    Furthermore, there shouldn't be anyone in "charge." This isn't a concentration camp, it's a home, it's a marriage between two people who should love and respect each other.

    I did not grow up in such a household and often times, I'd envy my friends who had their moms at home to give them all that attention. I'd come home to an empty house and spending time with a grumpy father working from home, wasn't child's play. So from a child's perspective, I'd say it would be great to have my mom waiting for me to get home from school, great food ready, help with homework, etc.

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  • You sound confident

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  • "Abusive, controlling men makes my puss puss wet"

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  • This sounds like a sex thing. So yeah, normal in that sense I guess.

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  • sounds like you're a masochist

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  • We all have our different preferences.

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  • I wouldn’t say it’s normal but if you want that more power to you

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