Picking up married women late-night at food store

Genuine, from tonight, and other nights, question..Is it ok to stop at food stores, late at night, when you need something, and end up picking up married women? Not just any, but, those who seem..Open to it, kids with them or not? I met one tonight, nice looking, hot body, with just a hint of "wrong side of the tracks" in her, no ring, and kid with her. Chatted her up a bit, then found out more about her, as in, things I can help her with.

Got her number, flirted a ton, and, when the kid walked off for a minute, she told me "We should get together..In private". I was taken by her sweetness, beauty, and that hint, little bit, of easy white trash, that it got me very aroused. He came back, but by then, we'd exchanged numbers and a nice, brief hug. Her soft, fit body felt so good. I had her bare waist in my hands a few seconds, caressing and feeling.

Her supposed husband called, I guess asking where she was, and she said "I met somebody"..explaining our conversation about business, etc, but certainly not saying, oh, I plan on letting this guy fuck the daylights out of me. Even her kid, as I walked away, said to her "He's cool..Will you see him again?".

Wasn't even in my car three minutes after paying for my stuff, and she texted me, saying "Husband asshole wondering where I am..If son not with me, I'd be with you right now".

Guess my question is...is it ok to basically steal a woman from her supposed husband, late at night, in a food store? Seemed like she was the aggressor, not me. But, did I just cause problems in a possible marriage? I mean, I can have this woman right now i I wanted to...

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  • I didn't give her a ride at all. Was with her younger son, and, other people who were in an aisle. Yes, I started chatting with her, as most people do in stores, making idle conversation. That became the business thing, and, since I'm in business, I was curious as to her idea and helping her out. That was genuine. The fact, yeah, she wasn't exactly hard to look at (maybe a little lower-class than I usually go for, but had a great, sexy smile), didn't hurt keeping me there chatting.

    I was fine with taking it as it was, a nice, random interaction, but, to hear her own son ask if she, his mom, was going to see me (or any other guy not her husband) again told my brain..Check this out, she may be available. Then, as I started my drive home, alone, from the parking lot, her text showed up.

    I did meet with both she and her husband, btw, and could easily see tension about the business and themselves. Could I jump on this? I'd say..SURE.. Will I? No. I won't. If she were single, I'd think about it, but, she also has 4 kids. I want no part of 4 kids. Her, yes. Did and do like her. Just not the packaged deal of 4 kids, unless she's only after some sex on the side with me. Would probably do that.

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  • Your answer is in your question, despite doing all that you did so far you'r still concerned. In the first lines of your paragraph you described her appearance and this clearly indicates your intentions instead of being helpful. there was no objection of giving ride to someone at that time but starting communication with someone complete stranger to you and knowing that she is married and have children than no matter what you should have dropped her and forget about her. on the other hand it seems the lady is quit familiar with the game she is playing with you. Whatever she is and whatever issue she is having with her husband is non of your business. you just helped her and that is it. If you still not quit than it doesn't seems in ending nice.

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