Question about time travel?

I know this place is about asking if you're normal and realizing normal is weird, but I haven't found any place to to ask this.

First off, I'm a creative fiction writer, so I not asking about real life time travel.

But I want to know,

What happens to the person while they are Time traveling?

For example in Life is Strange the lead character, who travels through time, we see her stand still as events fly by. And later on she goes through a picture an there's two versions of her.

1 that's traveling through time and the other that experiences it.

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  • It all depends really. I prefer the idea of spaghettification where you slow down as you enter a black hole as time continues on at such a high rate. Spaghettification is where an object/person is pulled apart and stretched so they eventually become like spaghetti.

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