Why is it okay to insult someone with a joke?

Person 1: Implies you're stupid through a joke. Group approves.

Person 2: Tells you directly that you're stupid. Group disapproves.

Why does a joke make it okay to be nasty to someone?

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  • Because they don't actually mean it if it's a joke, it's called banter.

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    • This. OP needs to learn normal social conventions.

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      • 1. You are not clever or witty enough to make jokes or respond to other jokes.
        2. You have some kind of 'flaw' that is noticed by everyone and made fun of your whole life. This 'flaw' has had a substantial impact on your life both socially and financially.
        3. If you don't go along with the jokes you are cast out of the group or treated with hostility until you leave voluntarily.

        Should this person kill him/herself for being born this way and unwilling to submit to verbal abuse?

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        • Without further information, this sounds like your problem. You need to learn to deal with life.

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        • 1. It is something you learn with practice. Or don't, who gives a fuck?
          2. Example? For the most part, if you have a flaw then it's on you to either fix it or accept it.
          3. That's life. Get a thicker skin or join a better group.

          Don't be so dramatic. If you are seriously on the brink of killing yourself over this then you need to get into therapy at the very least.

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  • I don't think it's okay. It's more acceptable if you are not stupid. If you are in fact stupid then it's just kind of rude, and mean.

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